Belong – The Opportunity – Hospitality


We are looking to meet the expectations of a new breed of luxury travelers with a millennial mindset in search of not only novelty and variety, but above all authenticity and meaning: the digitally fluent and well-travelled community of Asian jetsetters, Euro cosmopolitans, multi-generational clans and families, blossoming couples and independent indulgers seeking emotionally impactful experiences.

The environment

While traditional luxury brands such as Rosewood and The Ritz-Carlton have already earmarked nearby plots for development, this is an opportunity to truly create a new form of hospitality in Bali, attracting the next generation of tastemakers with a story-driven and environmentally-respectful offering.

The offering

The sun, the surf, the sea. But more than that, it’s a unique destination that brings visitors back to a restored Bali, one that lives in harmony with the natural environment, creating an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Site specifications —
Hospitality zone

A1 Total Site Area: 59,675sqm
A2 Total Site Area: 55,648sqm
A3 Total Site Area: 60,584sqm