Belong – The Opportunity – Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Belong attracts those who are seeking a different way to experience Bali. Those who want to return to nature and see a direct connection between the food in the ground and the food on their plate. Those for whom the how is as important as the what.

Holistic offering

An opportunity to create context for every meal,
where the environment around you narrates each dish. From rice grown on terraces to heirloom vegetables grown in kitchen gardens, each venue can have full control over its own produce, creating a true foundation for wellness.

A wellness destination

With its restoration of Bali’s agricultural heritage, Belong is able to perfectly capture the growing focus on organic farm-to-table offerings, providing the burgeoning trend of health-conscious travellers with a true integrated destination.

Site specifications —
Food & BeveragE/
Retail/Wellness Zone

B1 Total Site Area: 33,495sqm
B2 Total Site Area: 8,645sqm
B3 Total Site Area: 3,754sqm
B4 Total Site Area: 7,249sqm