Belong Location

The old and the new sit side by side at Belong. The ancient Tanah Lot Temple, only 10 minutes away, is one of Bali’s most important landmarks with over 3 million visitors a year. The beaches draw in-the-know surfers from around the world, bringing with them design-driven lifestyle concepts such as Joshua District, an art-focused community with villas, gallery, studio, bakery and restaurant.


The best of both worlds. Easily accessible and connected to surrounding hotspots, but far enough to remain a hidden gem. Belong is located on Bali’s stunning west coast, a dramatic landscape of mountains, jungle, rice paddies and ocean. And yet, it’s just the next bay from the well-trodden neighbourhoods of Canggu and Seminyak.

In Good Company

The area is attracting a number of international resorts, although none are likely to offer the same dedication to preservation and nurturing of the Bali heritage and its unspoiled natural beauty.