Belong – Home

Belong is a complete renewal of the Bali experience. It captures and preserves the best of what made Bali great in the first place and combines it with the best of a new kind of luxury – natural, genuine, generous.

The original bali

This is the Bali of pristine, natural, untouched and spiritually enlightened beauty. A place where the Indian Ocean laps at lush tropical hills. Delicately developed to welcome guests who come to appreciate the authentic Bali.

Meets barefoot Luxury

This is the Bali of humble, unpretentious, genuine and natural luxury. The antithesis of the 24/7 world with its technology, noise, stress and obligations. A place where you unplug and remember what it’s all about. With sustainably-managed and human-scale dwellings. Collaborative, inclusive and dedicated to restoring the traditional rural landscape. With farm-to-table produce and secluded surf breaks. Where the world’s tastemakers will gather and create a new kind of rural community.